Saturday, March 8, 2008

We Made It

Saturday, March 8th

After a couple of short, but rough flights, Mark, Kelly and Jim landed in Austin for the South by Southwest Film & Interactive Festival (we might sneak in a little music as well). We'll keep you posted here on what's going on and what we're learning.

Tomorrow, we plan to register in the morning, then hit a couple panels and catch a movie at the end of the day:

BMI PRESENTS MUSIC FOR FILM. "Finding the right music for your film can make or break a scene. Some scenes are defined by the very song or music in them. This roundtable will tell you the ins and outs of finding the right sound for the right money. Hosted by BMI."

STORIES, GAMES, AND YOUR BRAND. "A look at how interactive gaming, storytelling and puzzles can engage users with your brand. Movie and TV producers are increasingly using these tactics to promote their entertainment but is it possible for other brands to provide such experiences for their adorers or to attract new customers."

SUPER HIGH ME. Playing off Morgan Spurlock's SUPERSIZE ME, this film follows stand-up comedian and stoner Doug Benson as he first goes completely clean for 30 days, then smokes marijuana for 30 days straight. Along the way, he is tested by doctors, psychologists and psychics to discover the effects of constant drug use.


dmob319 said...

no comment.

shawn said...

NICE! but why not
go bit strips, too?